Bob Books - Set 1: Beginning Readers | Phonics, Ages 4 and up, Kindergarten (Stage 1: Starting to Read)

Bob Books - Set 1: Beginning Readers | Phonics, Ages 4 and up, Kindergarten (Stage 1: Starting to Read)

Created by a teacher, Bob Books have been helping children learn to read for more than forty years. This iconic phonics-based learn-to-read set has sold millions of copies, allowing children around the world to say with pride, "I read the whole book!"®

Perfect for children who are just learning letter sounds, each book in this set contains two- and three-letter words that can be sounded out. The first story uses only four sounds (M, A, T, S) and one sight word! Sounds are added gradually until all letters of the alphabet have been introduced (except q). The very simple stories and funny pictures allow kids to read a whole book and build their confidence. Kids can't wait to read these books to everyone they know!

Inside you'll find:

  • 12 small, hilarious, easy-to-read stories: 12 pages each, 4-27 unique words per book
  • A parent guide with tips for helping your child learn to read

Each story includes:

  • Decodable text: Two- and three-letter words with short vowels that can be sounded out (on, sat, can, ran)
  • Very simple sentences (Sam sat.)
  • Very limited sight words (a, the)
  • New letter sounds added gradually until young readers have read books with all letters of the alphabet (except q)
  • Friendly, simple illustrations that add fun and do not distract from the words

Guided Reading Levels: A, B, C | Lexile Measure: BR - 180L | Bob Books Level: Stage 1

Ages: 4-6 | Grade Levels: PreK, Kindergarten

Bob Books' phonics-based method aligns with the body of research known as the Science of Reading, which proves that systematic phonics instruction is crucial to children's reading success. With simple phonics, playful stories, and silly illustrations, Bob Books keep young readers' confidence high, leading to continued success and a love of reading. Your child will soon join the millions of happy kids who say, "I read the whole book!"®

Détails du livre

À propos de l'auteur

Bobby Lynn Maslen

After teaching kindergarten for thirteen years, master teacher Bobby Lynn Maslen developed the Bob Books to satisfy her students' need for fun and effective reading materials.


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