Little Groot, Big Feeling (Marvel's Rocket and Groot Storybook)

Little Groot, Big Feeling (Marvel's Rocket and Groot Storybook)

Marvel fan-favorite Groot stars in this original storybook that explores social emotional issues. With a kid-friendly art style and simple, preschool text Groot learns to get in touch with his feelings!

I am Groot can mean many things. I AM GROOOOOOT means that Groot is angry that he has to clean his room. I AM GROOT!! means that he's happy to be hanging out with the other guardians. I am Grooooot means that Groot is scared. Where did his friends go? It's up to Groot to save the day in this original story! Featuring adorable illustrations, this storybook will explore Groot's emotions and the best ways to cope when things get a little out of hand.

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Kiara Valdez

Kiara Valdez is an Afro-Dominican writer and editor from New York, New York. She has a love for the color lilac and spends her free time reading, writing, and enjoying a long list of other hobbies she can't keep up with.


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