Speak For Me

Speak For Me

From kid horror master K.R. Alexander, the story of a virtual friend that puts the fright into stage fright.

Naomi is petrified of the talent show her school is putting on. She can't be out there alone in front of all those people... not without serious stage fright. How will she manage?

The answer arrives in a mysterious box -- a ventriloquist's dummy that transforms Naomi from a shy girl into a natural performer. It all goes well... until Naomi starts to want the stage for herself. When the dummy strikes back it raises the question -- who's controlling who?

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K. R. Alexander

K. R. Alexander is the pseudonym for author Alex R. Kahler.

As K. R., he writes creepy middle grade books for brave young readers. As Alex -- his actual first name -- he writes fantasy novels for adults and teens. In both cases, he loves writing fiction drawn from true life experiences.

Alex has traveled the world collecting strange and fascinating tales, from the misty moors of Scotland to the humid jungles of Hawaii. He is always on the move, as he believes there is much more to life than what meets the eye.

You can learn more about his travels and other books, including Darkroom, Vacancy, Gallowgate, The Collector, The Fear Zone, and the Scare Me series, on his website: cursedlibrary.com


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